205hp powerhouse

The ARION 660 with CMATIC transmission and CEBIS touchscreen terminal is in a different league for Bob Crump who, with his wife Brenda and sons Tom and Joe, runs a mixed farm and contracting business, specialising in hay and straw.

“It’s a fantastic tractor,” enthuses Joe who mainly drives the tractor. He adds that it is also extremely noticeable how powerful the tractor is and the large amount of torque the latest Stage 5 compliant engine generates. With a rated power output of 185hp with a CPM boost to 205hp, maximum torque is 849Nm at just 1,500rpm, which is held over a wide engine speed range so ensuring constant output and power delivery when under load.

It puts a lot of power down to the ground and will easily outpull the 650 on 38-inch tyres.

Overall the ARION 600s have served us really well, have proved cost effective to run and hold their value well. 

We get on really well with all the guys at Hereford. If we need something I know they will bend over backwards to sort the problem, or in a worst case will lend us something to keep us going. 

Bob Crump

M Crump & Son

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