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"The simple reason we swapped was for the service."

The Weavers have an ARION 530 for feeding, power harrowing and sharing the ploughing and drilling. Their ARION 620 does all the main groundwork on the farm. Mark Weaver farms at Burleydam, Shropshire alongside his wife Sue and youngest daughter Rachel.

The farm is a Beef, Arable and Heifer rearing enterprise which sits on 250 acres and has over 300 cattle. The farm grows wheat, barley, oil-seed rape, grass, beans and maize.

We have been dealing with MORRIS CORFIELD for 14 years. When the farm changed from a dairy farm to a beef and arable farm, we decided to buy our own combine, which is predominantly driven by Rachel.

We had never dealt with MORRIS CORFIELD until I saw their second-hand list and saw the machine I wanted and went for it. MORRIS CORFIELD serviced the combine from that point on and that’s what started our relationship with them.

It was all due to the service on the combine that we considered buying a tractor from MORRIS CORFIELD in the first place. We have a Case tractor, we were always Case before the CLAAS tractors. We were so impressed and still to this day cannot fault MORRIS CORFIELD, hence the loyalty to them.

When the tractor was delivered, CLAAS UK went through everything to make sure that we could change things to suit our business. CLAAS showed us a lot of new features.

Mark Weaver

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