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Using technology to boost productivity

Andrew Evans (left) and operator Simon Hankey (right).

Based near Whitchurch in Shropshire, making high quality silage is of prime importance to Andrew Evans and his team at Bubney. Until now, Andrew has relied on contractors for harvesting the crops. But it was in order to gain more control over the harvesting operation that he took the decision to invest in his own forager, buying an ex-demo JAGUAR 970 through local dealer MORRIS CORFIELD.

By having our own foraging team, the aim is that we will take up to five cuts of silage over the 376ha of grass on a regular 35 day cycle.
With the best will in the world, a contractor would not be able to give you that commitment.

Before buying we looked at all options and hired a machine in. Ultimately it came down to the support I know we will get from MORRIS CORFIELD, which is important, and the fact that the JAGUAR 970 was available and specified to a high standard. Another major influence was the eventual resale value of the forager and also that Simon, who drives it, has past experience of operating JAGUAR.

The technology on board the JAGUAR will enable me to gain a far better idea of harvesting and production cost, but also give a far better picture of the crops, how they are performing and areas we need to look at in order to fully maximise production.

Andrew Evans

Bubney Farms Ltd

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