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"The AXION 920 averages about 2,000 hours a year."

"When we came to renew, I replaced it with an AXION 920, we felt that we didn’t require the extra horsepower that came with the AXION 950, we wanted to downsize a little and we are very pleased with it. The new AXION 920 still works on the heavier applications and averages about 2,000 hours a year.

The cab set up is great, everything is to hand and easy to use. CLAAS have visited the yard on the odd occasion to make sure we are happy with everything and to make sure that we are aware of all the features on the tractor, or if there is anything new we need to know about. I really do think that CLAAS are gaining ground with the tractors." Steve Banks, 2019


Steve Banks


Bank's Agricultural Contractors

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