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Based close to Ludlow in Shropshire the BK Hinwood & Son business is a truly mixed enterprise with mainstream arable cropping and herbage seed, beef and renewable energy. Such a varied mix means the machinery fleet needs to be as versatile as possible to meet the workload which can alter significantly seasonto season.

Currently a nine-year old LEXION 630 is the weapon of choice. Equipped with MONTANA hill-side levelling and a 6m (20ft) VARIO header it cuts an average of 160ha/year (400acres/year). But the workload isn’t an easy one – a good chunk of it comes in the form of green-strawed barley for crimping and chewy ryegrass seed, gathered with a stripper header.

In my opinion there is no substitute for full body levelling. Our ground can get pretty steep in places and without a hillsider things can get a bit dicey. And, when you come to trade the combine in, there’s definitely a better second-hand value to it. We nearly always seem to recover the money we shelled out for body-levelling in the first place.

There were significantly fewer losses behind the MONTANA, it produced a noticeably better sample and it was just so much easier to set up and use. Much of that was down to the CEBIS computer – it is just so straightforward to operate. Hotkeys take you directly to the relevant settings pages.


Jack Hinwood

BK Hinwood and Son

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