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Inevitably as a business grows, so too does the kit required to run it. Never is that more true than at GF Kempster and Son in Shropshire.

Six years later our contract farming business had grown again and we needed even more harvesting capacity, so once more we started looking for a decent second-hand replacement.
But what quickly became apparent was how well CLAAS combines hold their value – it was actually more cost effective to buy new. We decided we needed to future-proof ourselves for further expansion so opted for the biggest straw-walker on offer at the time – a LEXION 650 with 7.5m (25ft) VARIO header.

It’s now in its seventh season and hasn’t skipped a beat.

Our nearest MORRIS CORFIELD depot is 35 miles away but that’s never been an issue. If we’ve ever needed anything for any of the combines it’s been on the shelf or we’ve been able to borrow a part off a machine in the yard – that’s true service and is something we simply wouldn’t get if we went to another manufacturer. 

David Kempster

G F Kempster & Son

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