Longevity is key

Buying machinery that is built to last, looking after it and keeping it for a decent length of time is the key to keeping costs under control for Staffs farming business – Foden and Abel.

Longevity is central to the family firm which is this year celebrating 100 years at Shenstone Hall Farm, just north of Birmingham. The farmed area encompasses some 180ha (445 acres) of combinable crops plus another 30ha of potatoes. When it comes to combine ownership the policy is pretty clear-cut – buy a decent machine, look after it well and expect it to put in at least eight to ten years’ active service.

We had demos of all sorts of makes of machine. They all had their strengths but the CLAAS won through on one simple thing – its build quality was way better than anything else on the market.

With build quality comes reliability and having spoken to other CLAAS users locally they were reckoned to be rock-solid performers. 

We get excellent back-up from our dealer MORRIS CORFIELD which, despite being over 50 miles away, look after us really well. 

Chris Abel

Foden and Abel

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