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One of the most important features of an agricultural mower is its ability to provide a perfect cut in a relatively quick time- frame. Navigating demands of the terrain can be tough, and so a mower featuring high-quality cut performance as well as speed is essential.

Operating between Cheshire and Herefordshire, we see great diversity in the types of terrain, topography and soil. The CLAAS DISCO model comes out on top across all areas. This is because it is adaptable, useful on both flat and hilly land.

The range has been engineered to provide top chop quality, utilising the MAX CUT mower bar technology. This remains true even when the load increases in weight.

Each DISCO mower achieves great fuel-efficiency by combining cutting-edge technology with ACTIVE FLOAT and the economy PTO. These features come into their own during large mowing projects.

Alternatively, we can supply the CLAAS CORTO range. This reliable drum mower will guarantee rapid, safe mowing. The CORTO is the preferred machine for dairy farmers who benefit from the fresh grass feed collection technology. They can also modify the swath width to enable the machine to trail along behind.

We also supply machinery from a number of other renowned manufacturers. When browsing through our selection at MORRIS CORFIELD, you might expect to find manufacturers such as McConnel..

To speed-up your mowing without compromising on accuracy, speak to one of our trained team members. You can find out more by browsing our selection online or visiting one of our dealerships. These can be found in Broseley, Chester, Craven Arms and Hereford.

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