Wheel Loaders

Investing in the right wheel loader is important. With regular-use, it is important that your wheel loader is reliable and robust.

Precision is key. Your wheel loader needs to make intricate movements efficiently, whilst remaining safe and comfortable for the operator. At MORRIS CORFIELD, we supply brand-new CLAAS wheel loaders.

The CLAAS TORION wheel loader is perfect for more demanding agricultural operations. The TORION boasts efficient VARIPOWER transmission and powerful CMATIC transmission for optimal productivity.

The larger TORION features split-power CMATIC drive, as well as a Liebherr engine with up to 228 hp. Optimum weight is achieved through the distribution provided by the distinctive engine mounting position. It also features electronic control of the fan speed thanks to DYNAMIC COOLING.

The cab design is modern, complete with an electronic pilot control joystick, and a 7” display with a touchscreen and rear camera view.

Visit one of our depots to find out more about our CLAAS wheel loaders. Find us in Broseley, Chester, Craven Arms or Hereford.

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