CLAAS have manufactured tractors for more than 14 years, with more than 50 models in the range. With a tractor to suit every site, no matter the size, topography or purpose of the land, at MORRIS CORFIELD we can find the right CLAAS machine for you. 

The largest CLAAS tractor is the XERION. They are powerful, productive and durable. Using a high-quality Mercedes Benz engine, the range delivers outputs of up to 530 hp. You can rely on the XERION, with its continuously variable transmission and fully rotating cab, to carry out operations efficiently. 

We also supply the smaller CLAAS tractor models, including the ELIOS and the NEXOS models. If you’re working on smaller sites, we’d recommend the ELIOS tractor. This machine, with its low centre of gravity and low overall height, can reach places that are inaccessible to larger machines. 

If you’re working on an orchard or vineyard then we’d suggest using the NEXOS model, specifically engineered for this environment. 

Others available models include the AXION, ARION and ATOS ranges. Each help with specific requirements, such as the AXION which is particularly renowned for its enormous pulling power. 

To visit one of our dealerships, you can find us in Broseley, Chester, Craven Arms and Hereford. 

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